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Composite sheet


Composite sheet piles have the same positive characteristics as PVC piles but their cost is much lower compared to the imported composite tongue and groove, which are based on polyester and epoxy resins, they are also much more reliable. With all their advantages, their load-bearing ability surpasses metal analogues and offer a lower price.

For several years, our factory has produced composite sheet piles:

  • GP-6;
  • GP-5;
  • GP-7.

Scope of use and properties

Sheet piles are used for construction, enclosing structures where there is a need to prevent the appearance of water and soil shear.

Composite piles are resistant to sudden temperature changes and corrosion. They do not need staining for protection; they can be used in all weather conditions. They save the aesthetics of appearance and their colour throughout the operational period. Metal piles are several times heavier, compared to them, composite piles are very easy to transport and to process. They do not pose a threat to the environment and are not poisonous at all.


Comparative analysis of metal and composite sheet piles



Metal has long been an important part of construction. It has a high specific gravity, it has a high-load-bearing capacity and is exposed to corrosion. While the composite is an innovative material, it stands out for its unusual properties. Strength is not inferior to metal but much lighter.


In the case of metal, you cannot do without dedicated machinery (such as a crane and excavator), a lot of labour, and most importantly time. Due to the low weight of the composite, you can accelerate the work performance by several times and use the standard vibratory drivers and jackhammers.


Metal can lose its original appearance, it is exposed to weather conditions and the aggressive environment. It needs a permanent anti-corrosion treatment, it is necessary to constantly monitor its technical condition. Composite is able to preserve its visual appeal and colour throughout the entire operational period. It is not necessary to constantly monitor its technical condition.

Environmental Safety

In a metallic medium, microorganisms can be generated. The composite poses no threat to the environment.



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