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Fiberglass reinforcement sale

Fiberglass rebar
Composite fiberglass rebar for reinforcing concrete at best prices

Nanotechnology makes it possible for you to create nanoobjects and manipulate them. Nanoobjects or nanoparticles are particles of a substance with sizes from 1 to 100 nanometers (1 nanometre is 1/1,000,000,000 of a metre). Particles of a substance with such dimensions pass to a qualitatively new state with properties unusual for this substance.

A rigorous research into carbon nanoparticles revealed the carbon’s ability to create structures that, in combination with other components, allow the creation of unique compositions with enhanced technical performance.

Based on research projects, a composite reinforcement of glass fibres and polymer carbon nanostructures was created. The company mastered a technology to make such product under the commodity brand NanoArmature, which is much better than metal products of this type in many respects.

Significant heat resistance and high modulus of elasticity make it possible to used NanoArmature in places with increased strength and durability requirements:

  • Construction of long-term facilities for various purposes;
  • Creation of the European cutting edge road pavement;
  • Use as elements for bridges, wharves and many similar objects.

Some technical data of Nanorebar produced by our company:

  • Diameter of the rod - 4 - 20 mm;
  • Work at temperatures from -70 oC to + 180 oC;
  • Increased resistance to fire, corrosion and alkalis;
  • Tensile strength from 1350 MPa;
  • Modulus of elasticity from 65,000 MPa.

By using fibreglass composite rebar , you get a very significant economic benefit.

  1. The cost of NanoRebar . For example, the reinforced fittings AKS-8mm cost 15.00 roubles per running metre, and the steel A-500C, 12mm-23 roubles per linear metre. If you buy them 2 km each, then NanoArmature will cost 13,000 roubles cheaper.
  2.  Transportation. 1 linear metre of AKS-8 mm weighs 0.08 kg; 2,000 metres have a weight 160 kg. For the steel А-500С 12 mm, 1 linear metre is 0,89kg, and 2,000 linear metres will have a weight of 1,780 kg.
  3. Loading/unloading. It is much easier and cheaper to handle 160 kg of AKS-8 linear metres than 1,780 kg of the steel reinforcement.
  4. Rod processing costs. You can even use cutters to cut the desired length of AKS-8mm, and for the steel reinforcements you will need an angle grinder with a lot of disks and high energy costs.

The areas of application of NanoRebar are much wider than those indicated here. We have a wide range of up-to-date materials created on the basis of the most advanced nanotechnologies. Use the latest technical know-how, get from their application direct technical and economic benefits. If you have any questions, please contact our specialists by the contact details on our company’s website.

If you have any questions, get the necessary information by calling us +7 (4012) 332-333.
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