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Fiberglass profiles sales

профиль от производителя
Composite profiles production in Kaliningrad

The Znamensky Composite Factory in Kaliningrad produces composite profiles of various configurations and colour solutions.

Profiles are used in many industrial areas, such as the chemical and oil industry, auto and car building, transport, civil and individual construction, the urban, transport and port infrastructure as well as other industries.

We offer a wide range of round and square pipes, I-beams, channels, corners, decking and lattices.

Main characteristics of the glass-fibre reinforced plastic profiles

  • High strength - resistance to adverse environmental factors, such as ultraviolet radiation, temperature changes, wind loads, precipitation and acidic environment;
  • Low weight - a small mass of composites allows the production of profiles, the use of which allows you to assemble lightweight robust structures;
  • The highest corrosion resistance - allows the use of profiles in adverse locations with high humidity, in seawater;
  • Low heat and electrical conductivity; the material can be characterised by limiting dielectric characteristics and a low heat conductivity index;
  • Easy to assemble and install, the assembly is done using a minimal set of tools, e.g. drills, cutters, saws and others. The profiles are easily sharpened, milled, drilled and sawed. For installation, special glue, rivets and bolts are used;
  • Aesthetics - visually attractive and tactile design;
  • Durability

Fibreglass profiles are made of fireproof materials, deformation-proof and not involving any large transportation and/or storage expenses.

In dealing with various infrastructure tasks, profiles of certain colours can be ordered in order to preserve the uniformity, harmony and uniqueness of the architectural solution.

Would you like to buy fibreglass profiles? You can buy products at the factory prices if:

  • you call the sales department: +7 (4012) 45-07-13
  • you send a request by email:
  • you come to the central office at 236040, Kaliningrad, Universitetskya Street 2g, Office 608 (Yubileiny Business Centre), working hours - 9:00 -16:00, except Saturday and Sunday.
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