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Quickly erectable prefabricated houses

PULFIBER TECH konstrukcjaPULFIBER TECH kładzenie dachu

During the house construction, in which frame composite elements are involved, you need to do the following:

  • pour concrete for a foundation (foundation plate) and install a power system, sewage pipelines as well as other vital systems there;
  • Mount a composite frame on the foundation slab. This saves the time of construction.

The bearing structure made of composite profiles is used as the base for the walls. The profiles are ‘sheathed’ with insulation both inside and outside. The required pipelines can be laid in the internal surface of the profile. The weather conditions do not affect the installation. You do not need to worry the weather slowing down the speed or quality of assembly. As a result, you can assemble it even in winter. The storage of profiles will not be a problem because they can be saved in any weather conditions and even on an open construction site. The internal wall cladding material must be either plaster board or ‘lining’. For external walls, mineral plaster or oriented standard board (OSB) lining over the insulation will be suitable, and composite facade boards should be fixed on top.

In the last few years, the composite profile manufacturing technology, which can replace metal and wood while retaining their properties, has made great progress. Now you can use various resins, such as polyester, epoxy, vinyl, polyurethane and many others.

At the present time, profiles can be reinforced with fibre based on:

  • Glass;
  • Basalt;
  • Aramid;
  • Linen
  • Hemp.

To give the composite profiles strength and improve their aesthetic appearance, they can be reinforced with a variety of mats. When it comes to painting composite profiles, then there is no limit to perfection, all depends on what colour customers will ask for. A colour is given a twenty-year warranty. It should be noted that the profiles can be painted after.


Composite profiles have a number of positive characteristics:

  • Compared to metal, they have good mechanical properties, e.g. the weight is much lower, although the strength is in no way inferior;
  • Due to their electrical and magnetic insulation, they are lightning-proof;
  • There is no static electricity;
  • There are no heat and cold bridges;
  • Geometry does not change over time.
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