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Composite fencing

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Composite fences have a great deal of advantages. If you choose to install a composite fence based on the reinforced fibreglass polymer, you will never be able to recall such processes as painting, repair or maintenance. Composite is called ‘perpetual’ for a reason; it is not exposed to any corrosion and temperature changes, and you don’t need to worry about exposure to the effects of chemicals with it.

Advantages of composite fencing

  • They do not need to be cared for;
  • They do not need to be painted or treated;
  • They are resistant to aggressive environment, it is about acids, salts and much more;
  • Operating temperature varies from -45 °C to +160 °C;
  • Colour diversity. Colour in the structure is distributed throughout the weight;
  • In the case of composite fences, scratches or other damage are not something to worry about.

Scope of application

Composite materials are used:

  • In civil construction;
  • In the chemical industry;
  • In railway construction;
  • In port construction;
  • In road construction;
  • In hydraulic engineering;
  • In the housing and communal sector;
  • In bridge building;
  • In the energy sector;
  • In machine building;
  • In agriculture.

Material strength

Composite profiles are distinguished by their durability. Many developed countries use this material for the construction of bridges, supports for bridges, various fences and for many other purposes. Composite becomes a part of our life as a full-fledged replacement of metal. In most cases, there is a situation when metal structures do not meet key requirements of a particular project. Most often they are as follows:

  • Operating life;
  • Chemical resistance;
  • Resistance to atmospheric corrosion;
  • Resistance to thermal conductivity;
  • Resistance to electrical conductivity.

Composite is suited for any task, and it fits all these criteria. An essential nuance is that if you produce the same composite profile on a pultrusion line, it is possible to achieve important parameters (mechanical, physical and chemical) of the finished products.

Make a choice in favour of composite fences and no more needless trouble for you! You will get a durable fence. It will not rust or cause any concern to you.

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